Monday, September 28, 2009

Moving on into the Literature Book

Today, technically Tuesday, we will be marking the end of our journey with The Outsiders. I'm glad to say that it was a great way to start off the year with Ponyboy, but I'm even more glad to say that we are going to now start using our brand-spanking new Literature books.

This week we'll focus on a Genres and Figurative Languauge revolving around a story by Gary Soto called "Seventh Grade". From Raza style handshakes and lingo, students will feel like they know the seventh graders from the story.

Next week we will be taking off with the "Monsters are Due on Maple Street" a teleplay by Rod Serling. One of my all time favorites! You might recall that it was a Twilight Zone Episode that definitely brings some of the 1950's hysteria and paranoia into focus as neighbors turn on each other when the lights go out. Curious story.

**Just a heads up, I will be out 10/7-10/9 while the students are reading this story to help my sister prepare for her wedding on October 10th in Georgia. The substitute will be able to teach this lesson as if I will be in the classroom. It will be a winner! :)

If you need me, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. I will do my best to check it daily. :)

~Mrs. G.

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