Friday, September 18, 2009

Language Arts Classroom Blog

Hi Tigers! If you have found this blog, then you will be able to read about daily happenings in our classroom. This is a place for you to ask questions and reflect with me upon things going on in our realm.

Here's a quick sumup of what's new:

This week we will have finished our first novel! I'm stoked to say that I think everyone has enjoyed it very much. Even those reluctant kiddos who thought they hated reading. I had to laugh on Monday when the technology failed to let my first hour class take a F.A.I.R. assessment per state mandate, they wanted to go back to the classroom and read instead of playing educational online games. So the question many of you might have is, what book has made my students so excited to read? Well.....The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton has captured another audience.

I can't wait to share the movie with the kids next week and spend a day looking at 1960s music and the effect that it might have had on the characters. I've done the novel kind of backwards this year compared to in the past. Rather than spend lots of time going through each scene and tearing it apart to identify literary features...we pushed through the novel for the joy of reading. Now we're going to try and focus on the characters themselves, plot, lessons and how this book might make us want to continue for the pleasure of finding books that we really identify with. Isn't that what 7th grade is really about, learning who we are?

~Mrs. G.


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